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This is where you can get information about and register for our new beginners class starting in September, January & April.


Dancing is one of the very few hobbies that couples can do together, learning a skill that develops cognitive, musical and physical abilities. Our beginners class is for adult couples, (over the age of 18 and up to any age), who want to give Ballroom and Latin American dancing a go. We work hard to make our classes fun by creating a relaxed and social atmosphere in which learning can flourish.

Our new term for beginners starts in January, April and September and run on a Sunday afternoon from 4.30 p.m. in Stannington Village Hall. If you fancy giving dancing a go, then please send an email to stating your name and your partners name and we will send you joining instructions including class fees.  Please note places will be strictly limited and we operate a first come first served policy to ensure we are fair to all.

All about our Beginners Class

Aims for our Class


“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham


Dancing is a great form of exercise for both the mind and body and is fun to learn so we work hard to make our classes enjoyable to attend. We will aim to learn the four basic ballroom dances Waltz; Quickstep; Tango and Foxtrot and the four basic Latin American Dances Cha-Cha; Rock & Roll (Jive); Rumba and Samba. In addition we will teach some of the more popular sequence dances and the Argentine Tango.


Experience has taught us that this very ambitious to achieve all this in one term so we will spread the training over three terms and the pace will be guided by the standard in the class. We want the classes to be stretching for all, but not too hard so everyone can enjoy and progress at a rate that works for them. This of course is a judgement call which we will make when the class gets going.

Instructions and Aids


We teach all the dances in a way that is easy to understand for a variety of learning styles. Dancing is a physical sport so will require you to come along with a sensible pair of shoes (not trainers please as they stick to the floor) and with a sense of humour prepared to get up and give it a go!


We do give permission for you to take video clips on your mobile phones of each dance as we demonstrate it in class for you to review at your leisure. We do stress however that these clips are for your own personal use only and we do not give permission for these to be uploaded onto any social media or internet sites, or shared with anyone not registered with Strictly Starters Limited. We also give each member access to the Members Page  on this site that contains short video tutorials on some of the steps we cover in class.

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