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The Hardest Step Of All


If you have ever worried that you cannot learn to dance, don't. The hardest step is the one you take when you walk into the class for the first time!

We started as absolute beginners and these classes are fantastic. If you'd like to learn to dance Ballroom and Latin, this is the place to do it. We feel welcome every time we walk in the doors. Be prepared to have a few laughs along the way.

We really enjoy learning from Malcolm and Sandra as they are really friendly and helpful teachers, with a lot of humour and laughter during the classes. Lessons are conducted in a friendly and informal way but with a great deal of expertise.

We had a bit of trepidation when we first started and the worry that everyone would be looking at us, but that was really just our anxiousness as everyone is so busy concentrating on their own dance steps they don’t have time to watch others dance.

Our first dance practice night caused us a bit concern as we were to dance with two other dance groups and didn’t want to be the couple holding everyone up but our concern was unfounded it was great fun, you don’t feel like the odd one out.

We’ve been attending for a few years now and have progressed well due to excellent tuition. The fact that the classes are also fun and the people in our group are really nice makes our weekly attendance enjoyable.

We would recommend anyone considering joining that you check it out for yourselves, you've got nothing to lose but once you begin Ballroom and Latin dancing you won’t want to give it up. It's great fun, addictive, good exercise, a great way of keeping fit whilst learning a new skill and a wonderful way to meet people and make new friends.

Malcolm, Sandra, Joyce and Maurice will help you along your dancing journey from your first nervous and tentative steps until you are able to glide around the floor and discover moves you never knew you could do.

Linda & Ken

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